Friday, January 27, 2012

in a haze

Vintage sweater and collared button-up / Zara jeggings / Jeffrey Campbell Litas / Korean boutique satchel / Claire's knitted turban

It's extremely rare that you'll ever see me wearing jeans or any sort of pants in "real life," let alone in my outfit posts. But as a style blogger for the month of Claire's, I really had to cater to girls all over the world and somewhat forget the fact that in California, the coldest it gets here is around 60 degrees. Ergo, I slapped on some of my favorite (and only) jeggings, slouchy knit, and this sweet turban. I named this post after that last photo as you can probably tell the lack of sleep I've been getting has even surfaced into my photos (my eyes are indeed closed)...  was probably in a sleepy haze. 


  1. hey girl! love this outfit!
    I uaually resort to ALL black when I am in a hurry,or have 0 energy to deal with a "what should I wear" dilema.

    I was wearing MAC's Neon Orange lipstick in my last post.


  2. i love the turban, so cute! amazing!
    Krissy xoxo

  3. cute! I like the way you layered a blouse under your sweater and your satchel. congrats on being Claire's style blogger of the month!

  4. hi dear..followed u thru chictopia..i adore ur u put things togetr ..its so chic!!absolutely love tis outfit.u pull it off really well..nice bag!!defenitely folowin u thru bloglovin ;)

  5. cute!!!

  6. great outfit! i really like this :)
    I applied to be a style blogger.. i hope i get it :p

  7. I don't like pants either! Hahaha. I don't even own jeans anymore. I have 1 pair of jeggings that look at feel like jeans, but thinner, from American Eagle! You look chic as always (:

  8. Love your headpiece!

  9. cute outfit, I love your headpiece and your shoes!


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